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Two Texans lost in a Maine snowstorm


I have to admit I thought this might be the last photo ever taken of my Cousin Janell and her long time beau Michael. I snapped it Sunday afternoon moments before they climbed into a rental car and drove into the guts of a raging November snowstorm that blasted Maine yesterday.

Janell & Michael Bangor, ME 1:51 p.m.  Sunday, Nov. 2

Janell & Michael
Bangor, ME
1:51 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2

I mean, these two are from Texas. They may know how to ride horses across the dusty plains but they never learned how to pump brakes on black ice or steer into the skid on an exit ramp.

But off they went with Michael behind the wheel. His winter driving qualifications? He drove through a Oklahoma snowstorm once on the way back from a ski trip.

Janell and Michael had just checked out of the NickMoore Hotel and were headed to Boston, Mass some 235 snow-coated-miles away. They had reservations at the Liberty Hotel. No Maine Department of Transportation travel warning would stop these Texans.

See all the red? That's the road from Bangor to Boston.

See all the red? That’s the road from Bangor to Boston.

Out of fear for their safety, I made them promise to stay in contact throughout the snow ride. I had a four-wheeler in the garage, I said. I could help if they wound up in the ditch somewhere north of Waterville.

Here’s our text exchange as they drove through the late fall blizzard:

Me 2:13 pm: Great to see you. Stay out of the ditch.

Janell 2:16 pm: Will do. And thanks for the great visit.

Janell 2:19 pm: Following truck. Less than 20 miles to Waterville.

Behind a southbound truck on I-95 somewhere north of Waterville, ME

Behind a southbound truck on I-95 somewhere north of Waterville, ME

Me 2:22 pm: You’re doing good.

Janell 2:28 pm: The roads have gotten a little better:

“The roads have gotten a little better”

Janell 2:34 pm: At Waterville.

Me 2:36 pm: Keep on truckin’

Me 2:53 p.m: We just lost cable.

Janell: 3:03 pm: No way. Roads are improved. Some people beginning to speed. We are staying steady.

Me: 3:23 pm: Where are you now? Still worried.

Janell: 3:53 pm: Stopped and grabbed a bite near Augusta. Back on road. 40 miles to Portland. Roads much improved.

Janell: 3:54 pm: See not so bad. Michael says we are too far for you to rescue us. LOL.

The roads are

The roads are “much improved.”

Me 4:04 pm: Hang in there. Almost out of the woods….and I do mean woods.

Janell 4:10 pm: At Brunswick.

Janell 4:10 pm: Roads are clear.

Janell 4:30 pm: Snow has stopped. 10 miles from Portland.

Me 4:34 pm: Go Big Mike Go! Keep it in a straight line.

Janell 4:41 pm: Beautiful sunset in Portland. Just passed Main Street. Supposed to be 41 and sunny in Boston tomorrow.

Janell 4:41 pm: Up to 34 now.

Me 4:47 pm: Storm still raging in Bangor. Just measured 9 and a half inches on back deck.

Janell 4:50 pm: Wow! Michael says stay inside. It is 35 degrees now. Tropical heat wave.

Janell: 4:50 pm: Thanks for the great trip. We had a blast.

Me 4:55 pm: Tell Michael he has just graduated from the University of Maine White-Knuckle School of Driving.

Janell: 4:57 pm: That is too funny but true. He said his hands are sore. We are up to 38 degrees.

Me: 5:00 pm: Text when you make it over the big bridge going into NH.

Janell 5:22 pm: Going over bridge.

Janell 5:39 pm: Made it to Massachusetts. Woohoo.

Me 5:55 pm: Great. Have fun in Boston. You had a real Maine adventure.

Janell 6:23 pm: Yes, we did. Arrived in Boston.

Me 6:29 pm: I’m glad your adventure didn’t end in the ditch, Cuz. It was really great to see you and Michael. We had lots of fun this weekend and looking forward to seeing you in warmer (and less dangerous) weather.

Janell 7:00 pm: It’s a date.

I’m glad the picture of Janell and Michael wasn’t their last and at least now maybe they can use it for a Christmas card. After all there can’t be many Texans who survived (and escaped)the Great Maine Snowstorm of Nov. 2.

Here’s some pictures from Janell and Michael’s visit BEFORE the snow hit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Heidi permalink

    Wow!! By the caption I thought you meant “lost” lost… Not lost. I thought for sure they were dead. Such great texts… Had me on the edge of my seat. I ride to work 30 miles a day with those white knuckles all winter… Hate it!

  2. Ferr permalink

    Either Mr. King isn’t home much, or he’s a great sport about all the tourists outside his gate.

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